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RWSU Expert represents the most advanced radio wave electrosurgical featuring color LCD 7″ screen, with maximal power of 100W and operating frequency of 4MHz in both, monopolar and bipolar modes; this is the third generation of radio wave electrosurgical devices by PROXIMA – medical technology with so far the best tissue effects. Radio waves today represent method of choice for all plastic surgery, gynecology and other ambulatory and OR surgical procedures.

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RWSU Expert – radio wave surgical unit

RWSU Expert (Radio Wave Surgical Unit) represents the most advanced radio wave electrosurgical unit in our offering, characterized with maximal power of 100W and operating frequency of 4MHz in both, monopolar and bipolar mode. Device enables performing of ambulatory and OR electrosurgical procedures in different medical specialties. Application of radio wave electrosurgery is characterized by minimal lateral tissue damage, white coagulation without tissue carbonization, faster wound healing and minimal scarring, that is virtually no scarring. The procedure itself, thanks to the operating radio frequency, is less painful in comparison to “classic” electrosurgical devices.

Device supports commands by footswitch (double for monopolar and single for bipolar) and commands by hand switch for monopolar mode. There are four operating modes in monopolar: SOFT CUT – pure cutting with minimal lateral tissue damage, STRONG CUT – more powerful cutting with some coagulation effect and SOFT COAG – soft contact coagulation, FORCED COAG – near contact high voltage coagulation; there are two operating modes in bipolar: BIPOLAR COAG – standard bipolar coagulation and MICRO – precise bipolar coagulation.

There is wide range of monopolar and bipolar accessories available, monopolar electrodes, bipolar forceps and other instruments and cables.

Indication area of RWSU Expert:

  • Gynecology
  • Plastic surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Dermatology (dermato-surgery)
  • ENT
  • Oral surgery
Power supply: 230V/110V  50/60Hz
Maximal mean power: 100W
Output frequency: 4MHz sine wave
Dimensions: 350x410x160mm (LxWxH)

Standard accessories (shipped with device):

 Kontejner2 Set of short and long monopolar electrodes 2.4mm for multiple use, 13pcs in set (without container, picture is illustration only) 1set
Code: PX-AP-2050-04
noImage Single footswitch with cable, waterproof, 1pcs
Code: PX-AP-2050-01
noImage Handpieces with two pushbuttons Cut and Coag, for multiple use, packing 1pcs
Code: PX-HF-9727-24
noImage Self adhesive neutral electrodes, packing set of 5pcs
Code: PX-WR01
noImage Cable for self adhesive neutral electrode, packing 1pcs
Code: PX-HF9569-30
noImage Cable for bipolar forceps/instruments, length 3m, packing 1pcs
Code: PX-HF9481-30
sl7 Power supply cable (picture for illustrative purpose only, cable according to the country standard), packing 1pcs
Code: PX-AP-11
noImage Potential equalization cable, packing 1pcs
Code: PX-AP-2050-03


Additional accessories:

noImage Double footswitch with cable, waterproof, 1pcs
Code: PX-AP-2050-02
RWSU Expert Carts Carts for RWSU Expert, fully aluminum design, wire basket, plastic basket, noiseless wheels of which two with brakes
Code: PX-AP-2050-C1
noImage Additionally a wide range of accessories is also available, for more information please follow this link